Louisiana Technology Park

Why the Tech Park

why the tech park


So, what does becoming a TECH PARK member mean to your start-up company?


More Than Just Cheap Rent.

While we admit, the rent is better than you can get most places and the digs are pretty nice, Tech Park membership means so much more. We offer access to just about anything you need to get your feet off the ground: desks, chairs, phones, a tier IV data center, wireless Internet connectivity, a professional staff, mentoring, administrative specialists at your disposal, plus a complete network of strategic partners from marketing and IT to legal and financial. We think you’ll like it here.


Instant Staff.

Become a member and suddenly…you have an administrative assistant! You have an incredibly friendly person to answer the phone using the name of your business. You have a marketing department, director of finance, public relations coordinator and more. Just because your company is currently comprised of you and two programmers doesn’t mean the world has to know. Shhhh…it’ll be our little secret.


Here, synergy is more than just a buzzword.

At The Tech Park, synergy is not a word that gets thrown around lightly, it’s the real deal and our companies live it every day. We have created a hive of innovation and technology where young companies just like yours are abuzz with ideas and energy. There is a camaraderie that exists during chats around the coffee pot and a real desire to share knowledge and experiences. Many times members work together utilizing each other’s products and services to enhance their own. We won’t get too emotional about it, but it is a beautiful thing.

Resources. Resources. Resources.

For the price, there is absolutely no better place where you’ll have access to all resources at The Tech Park. In addition to the office space, equipment, technology, staff and synergistic relationship with your fellow members, there are two additional resources start-up companies find invaluable: interaction with seasoned professionals and access to funding opportunities. Some say you just can’t put a price on those kinds of resources; however, we did and it’s very economical.

You Want It. We’ve Got It.

There are two things you need to be a successful member of The Tech Park. You have to have an innovative product or service accompanied by the burning desire to succeed. Got those covered and we are just the place you want to be to share your idea with the world. What are you waiting for?