Louisiana Technology Park



Assistance with Business Planning

All startups struggle with raising funds, and angel investors and venture capitalists are here to help you. They will review and evaluate your business plans, determine its strengths/weaknesses and help make it stronger. They provide assistance with writing, tweaking and continually improving your plan to reflect your core goals and strategies.

Access to Angel and Venture Capitalists

Our relationships with Angel and Venture Capitalists present our members with huge financial opportunities. We cannot guarantee your startup an investment, but angel and venture capitalists are comfortable investing in “incubator companies” because they trust our mentorship. It is seen as a safe and reliable investment because another professional is looking out for their money.


If needed, our staff will patiently work with you to establish your financial books and/or train you on the latest accounting software. From W-2s to more complicated financial statements, we are available to help.

Strategic Partners

Through our Strategic Partner Network you have immediate access to the services of a remarkable network of professionals. The Network consists of more than 50 statewide and national companies who have agreed to work with our members on either a gratis or discounted basis. Our Strategic Partner Network companies include Microsoft, Dell and Cisco as well as some of Louisiana’s premier accounting and legal firms, marketing and public relations professionals, and staffing services.



Some of the great benefits offered for incubators at the Tech Park:

  • Furnished office spaces with utilities, including telephone service, wireless Internet, power and water

  • Use of shared conference rooms and training centers

  • Access to LTP fitness room

  • Use of shared kitchen and lounge area

  • Shared receptionist / administrative services

  • Support from LTP staff experienced in the following areas: marketing, PR, accounting, finance, human resources, business planning, investor pitches, tax credits and other state and local incentives

  • Investor introductions

  • IT support from Venyu

  • 24/7 building security

  • Coffee service in the shared kitchen

  • Networking events such as educational workshops, member socials and CEO roundtable meetings