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EATEL Business Service and Data Centers: An Entrepreneur’s Advantage

The Louisiana Technology Park has a unique advantage in that it is adjacent to two of the most advanced data centers in the state, which are powered by EATEL Business, a leading local technology provider.

So, what does having top-performing data centers right next door mean to you?

For you, it means faster internet, more server uptime, and greater customer service.

Specifically, here’s how you’ll benefit from the data centers and EATEL Business expertise:

  •  Scalability. What entrepreneur doesn't need to scale? You can have the full EATEL Business cloud and colocation space within strolling distance from your office.
  • Reliability. The zombie apocalypse couldn't sink these data centers. Bullet-resistant walls, live 24/7 security, mantrap areas and environmental controls all ensure business continuity. Plus, the data centers are an operations hub for the Governor's Office of Homeland Security Disaster Preparedness Plan, so during hurricanes and floods, the lights will be on the Internet will be streaming. 
  • Security. Investors, regulators, and stakeholders will be happy to hear that your technology business is safe. The adjacent data center is literally disaster-proof, and your offices within the Tech Park are constantly monitored from within through live video feed.
  • Speed. Our high-speed connection will make you wish all Internet was this fast. Your applications will run faster with less interruption, even under heavy e-commerce loads.

So How Reliable is the Tier3 Data Center?

So reliable that during Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, the Tech Park and its members experienced absolutely NO downtime. Our members remained up and running, safe and secure throughout the storms, even when employees could not make it to the office due to hazardous conditions. How’s that for peace of mind?

EATEL Business Data Center Facts:

·      Only Tier III data center from Houston to Atlanta

·      Continuous (24/7/365) operations to ensure 99.999% reliability

·      Multiple fiber optic telecommunications routes using multiple providers

·      Redundant hardware and software installations to provide “fail-over” protection in the event of equipment failure

·      Continuous Real Time Monitoring (24/7/365) from a State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center (NOC)

·       10 GB Filter uplinks to our upstream Internet providers