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data center


So, what does having a Tier IV DATA CENTER mean to you?

It means loads of secure space for your data storage. It means incredibly high speed and efficient information transmission. It means 99.999% up time.

Venyu’s Tier IV status and long-time partnership with the Louisiana Tech Park not only allows for great benefits to be passed on to Tech Park members, but it also gives the Tech Park power to achieve continual success in bringing top-level startups to Baton Rouge. Venyu serves as one of the nation’s premier data protection, recovery and availability services, and it offers robust network platforms engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power or environmental conditioning. You can also rest assured that only authorized users will be allowed to access your server due to the several layers of restricted physical and network access provided by the data center.



So reliable that during Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, the Tech Park and its members experienced absolutely NO downtime. Our members remained up and running, safe and secure throughout the storms, even when employees could not make it to the office due to hazardous conditions. How’s that for peace of mind?

Venyu Data Center Facts:

  • Only Tier IV data center from Houston to Atlanta
  • Industry-leading Sun, Dell, EMC2, Cisco Systems and Oracle database hardware and software
  • Continuous (24/7/365) operations to ensure 99.999% reliability
  • Multiple fiber optic telecommunications routes using multiple suppliers
  • Redundant hardware and software installations to provide “fail-over” protection in the event of equipment failure
  • Continuous Real Time Monitoring (24/7/365) from a State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Multiple DS3 and OC3 links to major Internet backbone system, expandable to OC96