Louisiana Technology Park



The LOUISIANA TECHNOLOGY PARK is one of the South’s premier business incubators providing high-tech start-up companies with the resources to bring their products and services to market faster and more effectively.

If the word “incubation” brings to mind a warm, nurturing environment developed to protect a small, delicate creation, you’re only half right. Sure, The Louisiana Technology Park’s business incubator provides the resources to help foster young start-up companies’ growth so they can enter the “real world” prepared. However, rather than just a “nurturing environment,” we like to think of incubation as injecting our member companies with instant business enhancers and providing product and service supplements to speed growth all while surrounding them with the resources and professional expertise most start-ups can only dream about. That is, if they had time to dream, and weren’t so concerned about overhead, financing, accounting, administration and flat out failure.