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Do you have a high-tech business idea? Not sure if it’s viable? If so, what’s your next step? TECH PARK U can help answer these questions and more!



Tech Park U provides specialized training, resources and support designed to guide and assist entrepreneurs in evaluating and developing their ideas and ultimately, developing a business plan. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics from marketing and financing to product development and concept analysis. Business mentors guide these sessions and give presentations as well as conduct idea exchange roundtables along with mentoring and assessing progress.




Get full access to Louisiana Technology Park's resources: staff, phone and data center services, secretarial support, and secure 24/7 use of office and meeting spaces.




TPU candidates should be willing to meet with LTP staff at least once a week and also have monthly board/advisory group meetings. The company should be willing to take the advice and council of its advisory group to help move the company forward. The average stay in the TPU program should be about six months; this timetable can be shortened or extended at the agreement of both the TPU member and LTP staff.


how does it work?


Exit from Program

Exiting Tech Park U can happen in several ways:

1) The company has successfully completed its business plan, has funding and is ready to move into the incubator;

2) the company has been in the program for six months and has not made any progress;

3) the company at any time does not heed the advice of its advisors.

facility and services

TPU companies and incubator members have access to all of the same amenities, including the data center, Internet and phone service, access to conference rooms, training lab, workout facility and office resources. Companies will be charged $100/month for the program, which will include at least one cubicle or office space, free long distance and copies, as well as 24/7 access to the Tech Park through our biometric hand scanners. If a company enters the incubator before its six months in Tech Park U is complete, the company will still only pay $100/month as an incubator member, until the balance of its six months is complete. However, once a company is officially in the incubator, they will be billed for long-distance calls and copy fees. LTP staff will assign the TPU company space within the facility that best fits the company's needs within the Park's available space. The company can move or be moved at any time during Tech Park U as space is needed or becomes available within the building. Any move will be done in a manner as to cause the least disruption to the other TPC companies as possible.


Upon entering TPU, the company will sit with LTP staff to fill out an intake form. This form identifies some of the important structures needed for a business to grow, such as governance documents, an accounting system, etc. The company will also develop specific goals to accomplish while in TPU. Once the goals are agreed upon, a chronological chart will be created and used as a map for the company while in the program. This chart will be updated regularly, and goals can be added or modified while in the program.