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tech park members



Ailectric is a Deep Learning Company focusing on the verticals of manufacturing diagnostics, image and video analytics, IoT, natural language processing, automated drug design, supply chain management, and ecommerce. We also do pioneering research on the foundations of deep learning. Our team consists of PhDs with extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence. Our customers include manufacturing companies, sensor manufacturers, etc.



bascom hunter

Bascom Hunter is focused on development of technology that will be needed for 21st Century problems in fields such as networking, communication, and processing.

These fields have vast possibilities and new technology will inevitability lead to further advancement. We seek to develop new ideas and foster them into useful solutions.



bitfinity games

A small team with big ideas, BitFinity was founded by two brothers who are lifelong gamers.  Inspired by Nintendo’s works, BitFinity aims to focus on gameplay-driven concepts to create unique and fun experiences.  The company’s founder, Matthew Taranto, already had a sizable audience with his popular parody webcomic, “Brawl in the Family,” but wanted to use the strip as a launching point for bigger ideas.  Today, BitFinity is working on an action/rhythm game called “Tadpole Treble,” and released a playable demo last fall.



cell control

Enforceable Technology to Stop Distracted Driving for Companies and Families

Stop texting, messaging, selfies, social media and more, while improving driver performance for Android and iPhone



clear blue design

We make software that people love:

- by only taking on projects that are an ideal fit for our skills
- by immersing ourselves in the project domain to best understand the user
- by prototyping to ease decision making for our clients
- by frequently iterating to embrace change as part of the process




Clikia is a Live Streaming / Over-The-Top / Cut-the-Cord Service

    •  Channel Packages (Over 100 LIVE streaming channels)

    •  Video on Demand

    •  Commercial Free Radio Service




Just like the Avengers, the Cyber Fision team assembled around the principles of combating terrible websites, rescuing search results from page ten, and transforming online reputations – one business at a time.

Our active zone is the Capital Region of Louisiana: Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette. We also assist clients and partners all over the country with their technology needs.



duck block

Duck Block Games is a small company founded by two brothers with a passion for games. Our goal is to make fun games with depth and feeling, along with the occasional thoughtful nod to some of our old favorites.



focus digital design


We offer a variety of solutions to explain your products. We've done work for many large organizations from energy related services, to people who have new products innovations bringing their products to market.  Our services include the following:

  • Industrial 3D Animations
  • Technical 3D Animations
  • Interactive Media
  • 3D Renderings
  • 3D Visualizations


Relief telemed

At Relief Telemed, we strive to create a revolutionary health and wellness ecosystem for people with chronic illnesses. We are dedicated to applying our knowledge of health technology and innovation to help others. We are currently focused on applications to help children with chronic diseases in the management of their illness.



impression works

We want people to come to us with their ideas, but not just business ideas. We want to help create change and make a lasting impression and impact on the world. Impression Works empowers people with technology and acts as an agent for change.



innovation catalyst

Innovation Catalyst is a non-profit venture development organization, formed by community leaders to strengthen and broaden Louisiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and drive new high-tech company formation through education, connections, and capital. We collaborate with existing resources throughout the state to identify, engage, educate and connect Louisiana entrepreneurs to the right resources to accelerate their business.

Innovation Catalyst is laying a solid foundation for Louisiana’s future economy through The Catalyst Fund, NexusLA, Entrepreneurial Education, and Women and Minority Support.




Jetstreame is an independent game studio that was founded in
October of 2012. Our main objective is to develop high quality immersive games. We aim to create games that will appeal to both casual & hardcore gamers. We strive for excellence in every title we craft.



king crow studios

We are a bunch of indie developers out of the Louisiana Technology Park who are trying to make our name in the gaming industry. Our current two major projects, Necroball and Quest of Souls, are works inspired by the 90's era of SNES games. We hope our games tug on your heart strings as much as they do our's.



la international film fest

The Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF) was created to promote the Louisiana film industry’s growth along with its international reputation as an artistic and cultural force in the global market. LIFF aims to provide an interactive forum for filmmakers and musicians from around the globe. As a host for ideas and visionaries, a platform for the public display of art and where up-and-coming artists may further develop skills and relationships that enable them to play a more central role in shaping the world of film, entertainment, music and technology. With a special focus on the indigenous filmmakers and musicians of Louisiana, the festival is open to and encourages submissions from around the World.



mastery prep

MasteryPrep is the ideal program for principals and administrators who want to provide the best test preparation for students of all ability levels.



pixel dash studios

Pixel Dash specializes in interactive media, video game development, graphic design, and 3D animation.



procedural reality

An RPG, RTS, and sandbox space exploration game all-in-one. Explore, trade, build, and fight in a beautiful, procedural universe.



property sprocket

Property Sprocket was started by real estate broker, Melanie Murr tech start up veteran, Sean Montgomery. Melanie was in the beginning stages of starting a real estate company and was talking to her friend Sean about how outdated the technology was in the industry.  Sean was CTO of a medical technology startup that focused on managing physician groups, so he saw a natural fit for his experience after the acquisition of his company was complete. Sean jumped in with both feet and worked along side the agents and staff for several months to learn all he could about real estate technology. During this experience, he saw that not only could the tech be improved, the entire process could be reshaped to be more efficient and client friendly. Property Sprocket is the next step towards both of our co-founders' goal of changing real estate and leading the industry into the future.




Our Chapter seeks to help small business people start or manage their business by face to face counseling, email counseling or seminars, workshops and business round tables. 




SellSwipe™ allows people to use hyper-local product search to find items and businesses in their own communities. We also provide a platform that connects you with your friends and the people around you. You’ll be able to see what your friends are buying and selling and recommend stores and items you’re interested in. SellSwipe™ combines the convenience of online shopping, the peace of mind of in-store shopping, and the connectivity of social media for an unforgettable shopping experience.



stixis technologies

We founded Stixis with a mission. To make our customers achieve their goals and optimize their business processes by empowering them with reliable custom software systems, by helping them to get their top-notch software products to markets faster, by unleashing the power of technology. Whatever may be the size of your enterprise and whatever your needs may be, you will undoubtedly get benefited from our core strengths delivery excellence, deep domain knowledge, an innovative approach and our flexible engagement model.




Established in 2008, we focus on your business goals and company cultures and work side-by-side with company executives to select, implement, and manage reliable and resilient technology solutions. Our solutions sharply decrease downtime, ensure robust disaster recovery of data systems and greatly increase business efficiency.