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PRESS RELEASE: Louisiana Technology Park Welcomes Three New Member Companies

Connor Tarter
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May 22, 2018

Louisiana Technology Park Welcomes Three New Member Companies

BATON ROUGE, La., Tuesday, May 22, 2018 — The Louisiana Technology Park has recently brought on three new member companies. The companies, OfficerReports.com, StorageAuctions.com, and Kydos! – a new arm of Catapult Creative Media, all align with the Louisiana Technology Park’s mission to bring innovative, technology-forward products and services to market in Baton Rouge.

CEO and Founder of OfficerReports.com, Courtney Sparkman, said the decision to set up shop in the Louisiana Technology Park was an easy one, given the mix of amenities, services, and access to a network of entrepreneurs and business owners within the Tech Park. “As a small business, having a network is the most important thing. The help you need with technology and development is huge, so having a network of peers is incredibly important for finding resources, assistance and advice,” Sparkman said.

CEO and Founder of StorageAuctions.com Lonnie Bickford chose the Louisiana Technology Park as his company’s new base of operations after learning about the Louisiana Technology Park’s many incentives, including high internet speeds, backup generator protection, and flexibility with space. Bickford’s company has recently grown 30% month-over-month and has expanded to service more than 40 states. Bickford stated that this growth has made staffing needs difficult to predict, so the potential for expansion within the Louisiana Technology Park in the future was enticing.

David Maples, CEO and Founder of Catapult Creative Media, said that the choice to open the new division of his company, called Kydos!, within the Louisiana Technology Park was a result of a longstanding relationship between the two companies. Maples also said he appreciated the ability to grow more rapidly within the Louisiana Technology Park than would be possible anywhere else. “If we were to scale up anywhere else, the effort would be greater. Being in the Louisiana Technology Park will allow us to focus on the product and service. The Tech Park does this well,” Maples said. “They allow you to focus on the business rather than the little things like electricity, internet service, or security.”

Stephen Loy, Executive Director of the Louisiana Technology Park, said the addition of the three new members is an exciting sign of things to come. “We’re thrilled to have these companies within our walls, and we can’t wait to see what they do for Baton Rouge, and for the nation,” Loy said. “Each of these companies has tremendous potential to shake up their respective industries and shed some positive light on the technology sector in our region.”

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