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Where Pokémon GO is concerned, some people are glued to their phones, some are fearing for their lives, and most others are simply bemused.

However, you as a technology entrepreneur might be wondering, “How can I cash in on this?” After all, un-ingorable trends of this scale always present opportunities.

Here are some ideas you can use to develop your Pokémon venture:

Cater to Pokémon Hunters in the Wild

In the summertime, Pokémon gatherers tend to be hot, thirsty, and tired. As such, enterprising people are setting up mobile kiosks in parks that sell water, snacks, battery chargers and other supplies to gatherers in the field.

Technology entrepreneurs are also capitalizing on these wanderers, often without re-inventing the wheel. For instance, Verizon recently offered free data for Pokémon players, which, in actuality, isn’t that much data. But the marketing impact is huge.

Here are some how-to problems that you can help Pokémon players solve:

  • Travel distances easily that are too short to drive but too long to walk
  • Stay comfortable
  • Meet up with other Pokémon hunters 
  • Organize team-based events (see: Go Chat)
  • Finding and consuming digital content, such as videos and images, when not out Pokémon gathering
  • Drive, bike, or walk while capturing Pokémon (keep one hand free)

Solve Poké-Perils

Not everything is wholesome in Pokémon land, especially on the roads and in the alleys. Public health concerns are emerging due to the game, and communities are seeking solutions, which savvy entrepreneurs are providing. 

For example, Louisiana-based CellControl is touting its technology’s ability to mitigate Pokémon’s impact on distracted driving.

Here’s a quick breakout of large-scale problems communities are having with Pokémon:

  • Pokémon-related traffic accidents
  • Trespassers and strangers entering neighborhoods or private properties
  • Insensitive Pokémon gathering
  • Pokémon addiction

Leverage Non-Trademarked Assets

Obviously you can’t go around plastering Pikachu all around your branding to increase sales, but some aspects of Pokémon appear to carry the brand’s weight without the trademark.

For example, Etsy is exploding with T-shirts with the three team emblems Pokémon players are divided into. While its not certain whether Nintendo will claim ownership of the assets, for now it appears they overlooked the marketability of the generic-sounding team labels.

Here are some examples of what APPEAR to be non-trademarked Pokémon assets. Be careful with these; do not use without doing legal due diligence:

  • Pokémon teams: Red, Yellow, Blue. 
  • The prefix Poké 
  • Pokémon team names: valor, mystic, instinct
  • Team emblems
  • Fragments of Pokémon design elements, such as only the top-half of the Poké ball (without the button) or the open-mouth grin and doe-y eyes of Pikachu

Hop on the Mixed Reality Bandwagon

Digital media creators should prepar for a Pokémon-induced mixed reality demand spike. Or at least, consumers will be warmer to mixed reality, which historically has not always been the case.

When Pokémon gatherers inevitably tire of the game (perhaps because they’ve "caught them all”), they’ll likely demand spin-offs. 

"Creating mixed reality games are not beyond the bounds of indie studios,” says Jason Tate, founder of Baton Rouge-based game studio Pixel Dash

Drop a Lure Outside Your Business

The most obvious way to make a buck off of Pokémon is to drop a Pokémon beacon where you want people to be. This will attract certain Pokémon, and in turn draw in Pokémon hunters and potential customers.

Here’s a guide on how to drop a lure.

There may be a time where people are tired of hearing the word Pokémon, but for now the craze is at full steam. Not only is the game entertaining, but its social impact and technological implications will likely alter the trajectory of digital media market. 

Take some time to observe Pokémon-related trends and be quick to respond. You may be the next entrepreneur to Poké-pad yourpockets with Pokémon-gatherer dollars. 

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Stephen Loy