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In the tradition of planning out the New Year after the old year closes, my thoughts naturally turned to entrepreneurship, and why anyone would want to take a leap in this topsy-turvy pool.

Then I thought about it, and realized that 2016 is actually a great year to dive in. Here are the three reasons why:

Reason #1: There’s A Ton Of Resources Available To Help You

Starting a business can be scary as hell, but there has never been a time when entrepreneurs have so many outlets for assistance. From the growing incubator/accelerator market, to Google Hangouts, to events geared to lift up and support entrepreneurship, new business-owners have more resources than ever.

The leap into the pool doesn’t have to be done alone; in fact, research has shown that companies have a better chance of succeeding if they are in an incubator. A large part of that success has to do with the energy and synergy of having like-minded entrepreneurs in one place.

Why do people work at coffee shops rather than their dining room tables? Mainly for connectivity and energy. We are social creatures and thrive with others around us. Find where the entrepreneurs congregate in your community, and go there. 

Reason #2: The Economy Won’t Always Make or Break You

My train of thought on the economy is always so back-and-forth, sounding something like this: “The economy is great! No wait, here’s an article saying that it’s weak. But this just in . . . someone tweeted saying it’s too early to tell how our economy is doing. . .”

So yeah, don’t use “the economy” excuse one way or the other. I have seen our companies thrive during hard economic times, and I’ve also seen them thrive during crazy good times too. Fed Ex was created in a down market, and Uber, too, not that long ago. So strike that from your list and move on.

Reason #3: We Are Living In The Golden Age (Again) Of The Web

Remember the sock puppet selling dog food 15 years ago? While he isn’t around selling dog chow anymore, the people are selling things on the Web like never before.

Ever thought you’d buy a mattress online? Casper hopes you will. What about eye glasses? Warby Parker is selling glasses just as quickly as hipsters can buy them. Technology has always disrupted the market and now is no exception. Find your niche and sell!

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Stephen Loy