Louisiana Technology Park

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The LOUISIANA TECHNOLOGY PARK is one of the South’s premier business incubators providing resources for high-tech start-up companies to bring their products and services to market faster and more effectively.

It's not just entrepreneurs and local businesses that are thriving because of the Tech Park. According to LSU economist James Richardson, the overall impact of LTP companies has produced exponential effects throughout Baton Rouge and the state, including:

  • $92.2 million in additional business transactions
  • $26.8 million in additional household earnings
  • 614 new jobs

The direct and indirect economic impact has returned $9 for every dollar invested.

LTP continues to grow new businesses in Baton Rouge. These companies chose Baton Rouge because of the unique offerings of the Tech Park, including shared services, professional consultation, and industry synergy that happens when working with like-minded companies. Pixel Dash Studios is the largest independently owned video game studio in Louisiana. ACT Mastery is another one of our fast-growing clients, quickly becoming the leading ACT test-prep platform in the country. And of course, there’s Cellcontrol whose patent-pending Bluetooth technology is putting an end to distracted driving. These companies are not only increasing our local economy, they’re also hiring local talent, bringing the economic development cycle full circle.