Louisiana Technology Park

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Louisiana Technology Park was created in 2001 to accelerate the growth of the high-tech sector in Louisiana. It was started as a result of then Governor Mike Foster’s Vision 2020 plan, with the goal of creating a better, more competitive Louisiana and a guide to economic renewal and diversification for the state. It championed the importance of Louisiana’s existing industries, while actively seeking diversification into emerging technology areas, and also creating an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive.

The Tech Park is the living embodiment of these aspirations. We are a thriving, synergetic home to nearly 20 technology startups at various stages. These companies are not only creating new technologies, but creating new jobs and an economic ripple effect that travels throughout the state. While new plans may have emerged, the approach to economic development and the support for entrepreneurs and technology development is still the same. To learn more about the impact the Tech Park has had on Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana, click here.