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Boost Your Productivity With These 3 Hacks for Your Morning Routine

February 14, 2017

If you spend your mornings in a daze waiting for the coffee to kick in or running in circles trying to get a hundred things done before 9 a.m., it might be time to shake up your morning routine. A consistent routine and the right attitude in the morning can . . .

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How to Successfully Transition a Family Business

February 9, 2017

Family businesses face the same challenges as other businesses, including succession planning. But the family dynamics can make those transitions even more complex. Many family businesses don’t survive those challenges across multiple generations. “About 30 percent of companies make it to the second generation without being sold or . . .

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How to Level the Playing Field When Negotiating with Big Businesses

January 17, 2017

As a small-business owner you likely deal with larger companies that are your clients, partners or vendors. These companies may have experience and resources that you don’t when it comes to contract negotiations, but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily at a disadvantage. Skillful negotiating . . .

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Beyond Pingpong Tables: Building a Healthy Workplace Culture

January 11, 2017

Great workplace culture gives employees a purpose. It helps them enjoy their work, and it makes it easier for you to hire top talent. It’s especially important at high-growth companies, and yet even well-intentioned employers often get it totally wrong. To find out how companies can build a . . .

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Resolved: 5 Local Entrepreneurs Share Their Goals for 2017

December 27, 2016

The new year is almost upon us and many people will make resolutions to stop smoking or lose weight. Entrepreneurs often have different resolutions, however — they have revenue projections they want to hit and new product lines to develop. They want more contact with existing customers or to venture . . .

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5 Tips to Keep Cash Flow Going in a Growing Business

December 22, 2016

Your top priority as a business owner has to be to keep the money flowing in, because you can’t provide a great product or service if there’s no cash to support your endeavor. A 2014 report by CB Insights highlights this, noting that the second most common . . .

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