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Baton Rouge-Based Technology Company Secures $725,942 to Fund Major Research Initiative

October 20, 2016

Baton Rouge-Based Technology Company Secures National Award to Fund Major Research Initiative

BATON ROUGE, La. - Technology developer Bascom Hunter has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award No. 1632136).  The $725,942 award is one in a series of grants awarded to the company in this multi-phase project.

The Phase II project entitled “Interference Mitigation for Broadband Wireless Backhaul Systems” addresses the critical need for disruptive radio frequency interference mitigation solutions. The principle objective of the two-year research project is to improve the performance and reliability of wireless networks specifically targeting outdoor wireless networks. When multiple unlicensed wireless network systems operate in close proximity they often interfere with one another.

“In order for our wireless networks to meet our expected future needs they must become more reliable,” says Andrew McCandless, President of Bascom Hunter. “Our society has become dependent on wireless connections, whether connecting with our friends at a coffee shop or essential medical devices in hospitals. As data use increases, system reliability must increase as well and sometimes that isn’t the case.”

Asia and Europe make up a large percentage of the telecommunication equipment market sector and in many cases have higher speed and more reliable networks.

“Hardware investment is lacking nationwide and the NSF SBIR program is one of the few programs spending money to develop innovative wireless products,” said McCandless. A key benefit to the United States provided by this innovation is the increased investment in the telecom equipment sector.

Founded in 2010 by Andrew McCandless and Paul Prucnal, Bascom Hunter is focused on the advancement of technology solutions required for 21st Century issues in fields such as networking, communication, and processing.  The technology was originally developed at Princeton University and was licensed to Bascom Hunter. 

The company is currently located inside the Louisiana Technology Park.

For more information on Bascom Hunter, contact Andrew McCandless at mccandless@bascomhunter.com.

For more information on the Louisiana Technology Park, contact Stephen Loy at stephen@latechpark.com.

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